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Bariatric Evaluations

As you prepare for a bariatric procedure, it is important to note that your insurance company will require that you undergo a psychological evaluation. This evaluation is a routine component of being considered for the surgery, and it is designed to ensure that you are mentally prepared to take on the challenges of losing weight and keeping it off. 

The evaluation is a two-part process that involves meeting with a psychologist either in person or via telehealth and completing a set of questionnaires. Areas discussed will include your mental health history, including psychiatric diagnoses and treatment, and your current support system. Life stressors and substance abuse issues that may disrupt your compliance with surgery are also considered. Your weight history, including weight loss attempts, eating patterns, stress/emotional eating and exercise habits, will also be reviewed. The psychologist will assess your capacity to understand the behavioral changes necessary to both lose weight and maintain weight loss long-term. 


As necessary, mental health treatment, including psychiatric medication and/or counseling, may be recommended as part of your preparation for the surgery and/or as continued support during and after the surgery. This is all part of the process to help you achieve your weight loss goals and as importantly, to maintain a healthy weight on a permanent basis. The evaluation provides an opportunity to identify any potential obstacles and develop a plan to address them before the surgery.

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